Tips and Procedures for Advancement


Advancement:  To work on advancement, Scouts should read your Scout handbook and learn a few skills on your own.  When you have learned the skill(s) and are ready to be tested, enter that on-line into by following these instructions:

  • Log in to
  • Select My Dashboard, then My Account
  • Select My Advancement
  • Select the rank that has the skill you want to be tested on (e.g. First Class)
  • Check the box that corresponds to the requirement learned.  You will see a green check for what you learned; blue checks are those that have been learned and tested.
  • Enter the date or “today“, and then Save

Here are instructions for your parents to follow if they want to give you your own Scoutbook login.  If they are not familiar with Scoutbook yet, here are two things that will help – Tutorial for Parents and Quick Start Guide.  After you have entered your readiness to be tested in Scoutbook, communicate with your PASM to arrange a time be tested via phone, facetime, Skype, etc.

Sign-offs/Testing:  Your PASM will talk with you via phone, facetime, Skype or other audio/video method (following Youth Protection Training guidelines).  Upon them testing you they will record completion in Scoutbook (blue check mark).

Service Hours:  All your service hours should be recorded in your Scout handbook (page 466).  PASMs can sign-off on service hours for ranks of Tenderfoot through First Class.  Scoutmaster will sign-off on ranks Star and Life.  All service hours need to be preapproved by the Scoutmaster except for work on Eagle projects or Troop planned service projects at campouts, etc.  Scouts can enter the completion of the service hours in Scoutbook by checking the box resulting in the green check mark.

Position of Responsibility:  Successful completion of your position of responsibility will be approved as follows:

  • Patrol Leader – approved by the PASM
  • Den Chiefs – Alan Clark, Assistant Scoutmaster
  • All Others (Scribe, ASPL, SPL, Troop Guides, Instructor, etc.) – Eric Lokker, Scoutmaster

Scouts will not be penalized for their time in a position of responsibility due to the restrictions associated with Covid-19, provided they continue to demonstrate leadership virtually.

Scoutmaster Conference:  Scoutmaster conferences can be requested by you and will be conducted by the following:

  • Scout thru Second Class rank – PASMs for your patrol or Scoutmaster
  • First Class through Eagle rank – Scoutmaster only

Scoutmaster conferences will be conducted by contacting either your PASM or the Scoutmaster and arranging a time to talk via phone, facetime, skype, etc.  Upon completion, your PASM or Scoutmaster will record it in Scoutbook.

Boards of Review:  Scouts can request a Board of Review by contacting the Troop’s Advancement Chair Alexia Santos.  The Advancement Chair will verify that everything is approved for the rank in Scoutbook and then arrange a board of adults to conduct the review via video conference call using Zoom software.  The Board of Review will consist of at least three adults, excluding the Scout's parent, PASM and Scoutmaster.  Scout will appear in full Field (Class A) uniform, unless waived in advance.

Board of Review Procedure – for the parent/guardian and BOR members:  Troop 54 needs volunteers to conduct Boards of Review while we are operating under the Covid-19 restrictions.  Please contact Alexia Santos at to volunteer.  Requirements to sit on a board of review include:

  • Not be the Scout's parent, relative, guardian, PASM or Scoutmaster.
  • Internet connection with video conference capabilities, Troop will provide Zoom software login.
  • Participate in an active dialogue with Scout, but not conducting a retest of the skills they have learned.